Bluengo is the platform where you can find any type of products while helping the small and proximity commerce.

Small and proximity commerce benefits from the 0$ fees for publishing its products.

We are a company that fights for improving your sales on the Internet.

We have created a neutral platform for advertising any product for free.

We want to help small to big merchants, but with special focus on the small merchants by allowing Bluengo visitors to easily find its products.

We are located at Torre Vélez 4 Penthouse A, 08041, Barcelona


Is there any fee for listing my products?

No, you can get your product listings for free/gratis.

What I need to start ?

You need to already have an existing ecommerce, currently we have compatibility with WordPress/Woocommerce.

How can I get my products listed ?

You only have to install a lightweight plugin and get your products reviewed by us (we won’t offer illegal products)

I have other questions

Contact us on support@bluengo.com